Quick Update


Hello internet,

I’ve been rather truant in my posting recently, mostly due to workload of university and work. Anyway, I’ve got mid-term tests coming up and thought you (the reader) maybe interested in my preparation.

By far, the most challenging paper I’m taking is an Artificial Intelligence course. It appears the mid-term for this paper will revolve around solving demanding programming problems using Clojure. To add to the excitement, we’re limited to using Vim, Emacs or Nano (i.e. only the tools available on the lab machines).

While the latter doesn’t phase me, I’m predicting an onslaught of difficult problems. To prepare for this, I’m frantically working my way through: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, because it offers many exercises similar to what our professor has asked before.

In the future I plan to release my answers to the exercises (in Clojure), but if anyone is looking, I’ve found someone who has done just that.

After the break, one of my classes involves building a game that can be displayed on a LED grid, that’s multi-player via infra-red. So I’m really excited to play around with some hardware and getting those lights flashing as soon as possible!

That’s all for now,