New Lifting Routine (Starting Strength week 5 1/2)


I’m now 5 and a half weeks through Starting Strength. I’ve stalled on my lifts a couple of times and have gotten a wee bit bored of the routine, so I’ve decided to take a break (meaning I’ll come back in approximately 4 weeks) and try something new.

Starting Strength is a strength routine and as much as I love lifting heavy things off the ground / into the air, I’m looking to mix things up. After a lot of analysis paralysis I decided on PHAT, which is a strength/hypertrophy routine that is split over 5 days. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to do both cardio and the full 5 days of lifting, so I’ve condensed it down to 4 days. To be fair, I’m now no-longer following the ‘official program’ but more of an adaption for my needs, not Layne’s (the god of the program).

Before I continue, I’ll show a spreadsheet of my last half week of SS:


I was most happy with the standing overhead-press of 50kg x 5, those readers who lift weights will know that plates usually come in 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 (if you’re lucky), and it is always such an achievement loading up a new plate size and removing the need to play Tower of Hanoi on the barbell.

Below is the condensed routine:


This has a lot more volume than I am used to, so I’ll definitely be easing into the program. Before anyone hounds me for the lack of pull-ups/chin-ups, I agree, but I have a ‘doorway pull-up’ bar at home and hence chose not to clutter my pretty spreadsheet.

I have stripped exercises that required equipment that my gym didn’t have, when I say stripped, I really mean replaced with free weight alternatives.

This week I’ve done both strength/heavy days, so I’m really looking forward to the hypertrophy equivalents to come.

I encourage anyone who spots glaring issues with the program to please comment.



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