Starting Strength, Week 3


I have successfully completed week 3! Quite happy with that indeed. I’m writing this post part way into week 4, unfortunately the 75kg bench press was too heavy for me today and I couldn’t complete the last set (only got 3 reps, before getting spotter’s assistance). I rested well before the last set but just couldn’t power through it. Because of this, I’ve decided to cut the assistance exercises until I get back on that linear progression train (I was greedy putting them in, anyway).

On a positive note, all other lifts have been increasing. And I can now do 3 unassisted chin-ups, which isn’t bad for an overweight guy 96kg at 5’9. My battle plan is continue this strength training until I’ve reached my goals (60kg Overhead-Press, 100 kg Bench, 120kg Squat and 140kg Deadlift).

Starting Strength, Week 3



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