Clean Up File Names Via Python


Today I would like to share a tiny script that I use to tidy my folders. As an example, I am generally not interested in the year the film was made e.g. BladeRunner(1982) and prefer it listed as BladeRunner in my films directory. This script will do just that, modify the file names of files, without changing the internal contents. Here is an example of the script in action:

python_rename_CK That definitely looks better, to me at least. Here’s a run-down of what just happened and how:

  1. ls – displays the basic (non-hidden) contents of a folder
  2. python && ls – This runs the python script on the folder it is placed in. For me, it was my working folder i.e. ~/Documents/…/brackets_backup then it uses && to run multiple command on line line, followed by ls to view the results
  3. Results displayed

The python script can be found here:

Future Plans:

  • Add a recursive modifier, so that it is able to go inside various sub-folders and continue the good work
  • Rewrite in C for fun
  • Make good use of the script via ssh

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