Body Dysmorphia

Dody Dysmorphia

As someone training for strength and loosely following the Starting Strength routine (which doesn’t involve a lot of arm isolation exercises, but the triceps, shoulders and biceps all do get heavily worked via the compound exercises), I haven’t really made the conscious effort to focus on arm size. In-fact, I often see guys at the gym hammering curls for hours on end and wonder to myself if I should change my routine and join in!

I’ve found that the Starting Strength routine has enabled my body to build muscle proportionately, albeit especially legs. Because of this, I’ve always viewed my arms as ‘small’ and when I compare myself to some people’s amazing physiques online, they are. It wasn’t until I recently attended a party and was snapped into a picture that I got a different perspective.

Dody Dysmorphia

That’s me not featuring the black eclipse

Note, I am friends with the man in front of me, and I’m not here to comment on his physique. What intrigued me was how it wasn’t until I was in a photo with a regular guy that my perspective changed regarding my own body. Until this photo I had always thought my arms were on the smaller size, they are definitely no 18″ cannons. The point being that sometimes it’s important to take a step back and analyze things from another perspective.

Body dysmorphia can be an especially dangerous perspective, so this is just a message to all those currently on their fitness journey, to keep at it and remember to sometimes zoom out, and take a look at things from a different angle.

– Carl


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